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Hello T&T champions!

Guess what's back? That's right! Our ever-exhilarating Global Games 2023 is here and it’s going to be an unforgettable ride! Just imagine... the thrill of a sport, the buzz of technology, and the whole world as your playground!

Join us in a series of high-energy sporting activities, but here's the twist — with every jump, throw, and sprint, our cool new app keeps score AND lets you banter with teammates from around the world. 🌐

And here's the juicy part 🍊: We've teamed up with the amazing 'Save the Children' this year. While dropping some moves or showing off your athletic prowess, you can also make a difference to a child’s life. 🌟 Participation is free, but hey, a little kindness can create a big impact!

🗓️ Lock these dates: Kick off on September 18th and the grand finale on October 15th, 2023.

🔗 Ready to jump in? Join the fun! Copy this link: https://turntown.sharepoint.com/sites/GLOBAL-GAMES/SitePages/Submit-your-weekly-progress.aspx

Let's do more than just play. With 'Save the Children' and their rich legacy, we're shaping brighter tomorrows for kiddos facing adversity. Together, we're not just gaming - we're changing the game for them.

🎉 So, gear up! Let's make Global Games 2023 legendary! 🚀